June 17, 2010

Pecha Kucha, featured in the last Miniguide, brings together designers in a casual atmosphere to watch 12 presenters show their innovative projects through 20 slides (images or video). One thing, they only have 20 seconds to give attendees a briefing on each slide.

In an outdoor tent next to the Font Màgica on Montjuïc, attendees from around the world, in town as part of Entrepreneur Day (Día del Emprendedor), as well as local designers and hipsters, congregated on the cushy benches to listen to the presentations. I had the pleasure of plopping myself down next to a couple, who spent the majority of the presentation time making out. I never new innovations in design could get people so hot? (go figure)

Well, some were a bit sassy, like the talk by Juan F. Cardona about incorporating sex into design. Along with Juan's off-beat presentation, were some entertaining talks, like the one from Ideas for Change. They spoke about their various attempts at creating an app to help people quit smoking. Called, THE JOY, it is now ranked #1 on Itunes and their presentation's message: "if at first you don't succeed, try, try, again" (it took them three tries!).

(FAB)BOTS was another great idea explained by Marta Malé-Alemany. These customized robots for design and fabrication (an idea surely to turn construction on its head), are included in an exhibition, on until September 12th at DHUB. My favorite (FAB)BOT was the Heliobot, which cuts using solar energy.

Ramon Piqué talked about the TV3 show, Bestiari Il.lustrat (it has an awful image, two people with giraffe heads). In the show, the presenter picks up an artist (musician, actor, etc...) in the most "freaky" car they can find and go on a trip, picking up additional artists along the way and conducting an interview. In the end, the presenter exits, leaving the stars to interact with each other on the road trip.

If you've got a design idea you'd like to share, submit it with a 3-4 sentence explanation to Pecha Kucha for consideration for the next night to be held September 29th at Luz de Gas. You might also want to practice the 20 slides, 20 seconds each timing with a friend and stopwatch before attending, as I saw some presenters SERIOUSLY sweating the time crunch on stage).


June 17, 2010

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