August 4, 2010

Damn it! And I had just gotten my signature (along with a couple of friends) onto the "fame" wall (just four diagonally down from Barbra Streisand) at the celebrated tapas place.

Inopia, opened in 2006 by Albert Adrià, brother of Ferran, was a place, where I had dreamed my tastebuds would go after I pass on. And while I knew about the tapas spot for the past several years, tipped off by Ferran himself while doing an interview for another publication, I had only, several months ago, become a semi-regular (well, as regular as I could considering how pricey the place is/was).

As of July 31st, Albert Adrià left the business and the place is shut now until September 1st, when his business partner, Joan Martínez, will reopen the joint as Lolita Taperia. A place, according to the Inopia website, that will have the spirit of "a woman who enjoys tapa-ing, and tasting mini-sandwiches."

No, no, no! I happened upon this information as I went to the site to see if it was possible to purchase an Inopia gift certificate for friends. I am stunned and saddened that I didn't frequent the tapas mecca more. Before I actually dined there, I would scoff at the red ribbon that was pulled across the entrance to block people from entering. I thought it was pretentious. That was until I sampled the food that created the snaking lines that would wrap around the block each night of the week. In a word, it was sublime: breaded eggplant drizzled with maple syrup, seared tuna in soy sauce and the mind-blowing potato chip coated chicken tenders served with a smooth mustard sauce (and I don't even LIKE mustard sauce, but I loved Inopia's).

I'm at a loss for words, and mourning the loss of what I had come to believe was the city's best tapas spot. This is also an added shock, as another one of my favorite eateries, Stush and Teng also recently closed. I'll just have to pass by the former Inopia after September 1st to see how Lolita is faring and if any of the old menu items survived the sex change (I certainly hope my signature does).

Lolita Taperia. 93 424 52 31


August 4, 2010

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