November 27, 2009

The dynamic indie pop duo take time out from tour plane hopping to talk to Miniguide, and, we have FREE tickets to their BCN show Nov. 28th!!!!!!

Honestly, Barcelona is -and not to sound completely cheesy- on fire recently offering some great gigs to the city's denizens: Depeche Mode, Andrew Bird, etc.... the only entertainment hiccup -at least for me- was the Vivancos show last night, which, is fine, if you like your flamenco overtly sexual and enjoy Riverdance/Chippendale hybrids, being smacked in the face by dancers' sweat, the pairing of crushed velvet vests and jeans, and a duel consisting of two men: both with semi-bare chests, wearing Hugo Boss belts, and having a fluet vs. violin bow and flamenco off......

Luckily, quality will again be back with Matt and Kim -in town to promote their new album, Grand- and The Sounds providing a kick-ass show this Saturday, November 28th at Apolo, we have some FREE TICKETS, just email us at: or for a chance to win!

What made you guys decide to form the band?

Matt: No decisions were made it was just total accident. Kim wanted to learn to play drums and I wanted to learn how to play this rad looking keyboard I had borrowed from a friend when I was 15 (i hope he doesn't ask for it back.) A friend in another band found out and MADE us play a show, we had no name...they listed us as our names, it stuck.

What was it like to first pick up the keyboard and drums and start learning, was it intimidating/easy?

Matt: Kim seemed to pick up on the drums rather fast. she had a background in dancing (her brother was and is a rave DJ - DJ VENOM) and I think that helped on the rhythm side (which i have none of.) for me I've never played keyboard in a typical piano kinda way, I came from playing guitar and bass. I play two keyboards at the same time... one kinda like a bass... one like a guitar.

After only a bit of practice, how did the first show go? Were you nervous/excited/wanted to throw up/a bit of all that? How did you both feel afterwards?

Matt: Our first show was in the basement of an art gallery in Queens, New York. I remember being TERRIFIED and Kim and I trying to think of any excuse to get out of it. We played 3 songs (the same length set we did for our first, like, 100 shows) and we got really positive feedback from our friends, they were probably just being nice.

With shows now, do you get those same feelings you had when you first started out?

Matt: I feel very comfortable on stage, sometimes too comfortable and say things to a couple thousand people that I should probably only say to close friends. but recently we started doing a couple TV things. our first bigger one was the Jimmy Kimmel show, and I was totally terrified, it felt like we were back in the basement in queens doing our first show again.

Have you played in Barcelona before? Any special planned while you are here (on-say marching band support/Beyond covers- or off stage)?

Matt: Haha, we've never been to Barcelona before and I've heard great things. I used to have a Spanish teacher who was from there who was cool but that's really all I know! Well, no Beyone covers maybe a couple other ones... and of course I just hope for a big dance party.

Was there any particular reason for the gap between the first full-length, self-titled CD and Grand?

Matt: I wish there could be more weeks in a year and days in a week and hours in the day but there's not. We've always been a band who's backbone is playing live and we were so busy with touring that there was just no time to record. Finally, we set 6 weeks to record Grand, and it ended up not being done for 9 months... like havin' a baby.

While this may sound dorky on my part…in four words I would say your music is: fabulous toe tapping fun, what four words would you use?

Matt: I like that, but I'd step it up to: BAD-ASS! (we'll call that one word) FLOOR STOMPING! PARTY!

Thanks Matt and Kim...and to everyone else, enjoy the show, remember, we have FREE TICKETS, so email us to get your hands on 'em!!!


November 27, 2009

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