May 30, 2010

Miniguide has its founder Johannes Studnik back in Barcelona and on the Primavera Sound grounds reporting on the festival's high- and low-lights.

So what does a middle aged crooner like Marc Almond (52) do at a rock festival? Well, perform rock ‘n’ roll! Supported by his superb band of well-matured gentlemen in pin-stripe suits, the ex-Soft Cell singer revamped his synth-pop anthem “Tainted Love” in the fashion of a 60s garage-rock band. In the end, what looked like a joke in the festival’s line-up ended up being quite a nice match-up. However, his show’s climax turned out to be all the more convincing as a result of Almond’s own style, playing Soft Cell’s ‘83 ballad “Say Hello Wave Goodbye.”

Friday was a lucky day for the Primavera Sound’s organizers. All tix on Friday sold out thanks to audience magnets such as the Pixies, Wilco, Canada’s The New Pornographers and the Baltimore-based Beach House—this 10th edition will be likely turn out to be the most successful Primavera Sound ever.

What makes this festival so special in comparison to any other rock event is how unpredictable is its outcome. You get brilliant performers such as Wilco, who catered the crowd with another fantastic proof of their classic Chicago-flavoured sophisticated-ness. For many, the very festival’s highlight, the Pixies got the crowds into their nostalgic brand of punk rock. But, great as they were and still are, those are the old chestnuts, don’t expect the rock revolution to start up there. The real underground volcanoes explode elsewhere, and where you may not have expected it.

Would you have guessed indie icon John Dwyer with his psycho-billy band – The Oh Sees – to become one of the little festival’s gems? It was quite an unpretentious, well-spirited act, full of energy. On the festival’s smallest stage, Fuel Fandango, a duo from the Canary Islands, haunted the crowds with their funky beats.

Whoever knows Les Savy Fav can imagine this band served up Primavera Sound’s maddest gig, with its bizarre front man Tim Harrington, driving the security staff crazy while throwing himself into the audience, climbing up the stage scaffolding and seemingly trying to tear off and destroy a spotlight.

Is that just show, or is Harrington actually serious about his madness? Who cares, it’s great fun—and about all you should expect from a serious underground music festival!


May 30, 2010

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