March 9, 2010

Nearly inexplicable: the snowstorm in Barcelona and a shop selling marijuana seeds to collectors?

Like everyone else yesterday, the blizzard in the center of the city had me and my co-workers out on the balcony taking photos of ourselves in various "Oh my god, can you believe it's snowing in Barcelona?" poses, which were then uploaded to Facebook and the like, to show the world just how insane Mother Nature got by covering Barcelona in the white stuff on March 8th!

This, while everyone back in my native New York was enjoying 60 degree weather and sunny skies. One friend pointed out that maybe the fact that the earthquake in Chile slightly tilted the Earth on its axis - which she had read - could be the cause for the bizarre weather. Either that, global warming, or Mother Nature is just pissed off about something. Regardless, we had fun playing about in the snow and slush, as did everyone else, shocked at what we were all witnessing.

Another shocker though, which made me do a double-take in the city was the Solosemillasdemarijuana shop on Balmes, in the midst of the Eixample. This would be the "only marijuana seeds" shop, which opened just a few days ago.

I was walking up Balmes the other day with a co-worker, when we spotted the store and did a drawn out, ehhhhh?, in unison. I saved the name in the back of my brain, then went onto the Internet to see what was exactly happening at this 'head'-type shop.

Turns out the establishment sells seeds for "purely ornamental and a collectible and genetic preservation, not for domestic, agricultural or food." Of course, they warn on the web that Solosemillas is not responsible for the illegal or inappropriate use of their goods. I wondered, what?, just like with the snow that fell...are they serious? Who collects these seeds? I mean, come on... Especially at a time when Barcelona is turning into more of a controlled police city: no more happy hours, live music closer to extinction with each passing day and video camera installations in clubs and bars, how is it possible a marijuana seed selling shop snuck into the Eixample neighborhood?

This, like the snow that came combined with thunder yesterday, will leave me scratching my head till at least the end of the week.


March 9, 2010

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