May 3, 2011

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Syrups are the current flavor of the month in the world of Barcelona cocktail making. Bartenders are using the potent sweet stuff in their designer cocktails and experimenting with new creations. Only about a third to half an ounce (one to two centiliters) is needed to make a difference. Light touches of violet, ginger or caramel will intensify the whole cocktail mix.

Often there is an element of craft to the way such syrups are produced, with the desired essences added by hand to a sweet base, a London trend now hitting select bars in Barcelona. At 41º, owned by Ferran’s brother Albert Adrià, head bartender Marc Álvarez has formulated his own grenadine for an entirely unique experience in cocktails such as a Mary Pickford or Shirley Temple. You can also sample the syrups on offer at the Boutique Bar at the recently opened Ohla Hotel, an exclusive space to enjoy top quality cocktails prepared by premiere bartenders Giuseppe Santamaria and Max La Rocca. The Boutique Bar also mixes well-known and respected syrup labels such as Philibert Routin’s 1883 from France.

So why not add a new element to your usual cocktail habits? You’ll experience a whole new dimension of flavors, fresh off the international cutting edge of cocktail design.

41º. Av. Paral.lel, 164 (Poble Sec). Reservation required

BOUTIQUE BAR (OHLA HOTEL). Via Laietana, 49 (Barri Gòtic)


May 3, 2011

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