December 1, 2011

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Milano Cocktail Bar

Ronda Universitat 35, Barcelona


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    If you’ve ever ventured to Peru, you won’t have needed to go far to discover the omnipresent and highly alcoholic Pisco. The spirit has been around for over 300 years and is steadily gaining an international status. There are a variety of theories as to the origins of the drink’s name. Some say that Pisco was the name of the seventeenth century potter who first created the liquor; others say that it is named after the Peruvian town of Pisco. Another argument is that it is named after the Quechua word for “bird.”

    Like the Spanish Orujo, Pisco is a grape brandy. It is generally produced in clay pots and can vary in alcoholic strength depending on what classification you go for. It can be drunk just as any other spirit with mixers such as coke, lemonade or ginger ale. However, to really make the most of Pisco, it is worth trying it in a cocktail. Popular options include Pisco Punch or Pisco Chilcano. But if you want to try the classic Pisco drink, you will need to order a Pisco Sour.

    Pisco Sours are appearing in an increasingly large amount of Barcelona’s cocktail bars.  To try out one of the city’s best, it is worth making a trip to Milano Cocktail Bar; this old school underground watering hole prides itself on serving well-made traditional cocktails. Take a seat at the bar and ask the waiter to talk you through the subtle grape flavors of the drink. 

    Pisco Sour Recipe

    4.5 cl Pisco

    3 cl freshly squeezed lime juice

    1.5 cl gomme syrup

    1 dash egg white

    Shake all of the above in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into short glasses.

    MILANO COCKTAIL BAR. Ronda Universitat, 35 (Eixample)


    December 1, 2011

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