May 5, 2012




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    By Clare Considine, co-founder of Plat Du Jour.

    Are you all folked-out? Have you had your fill of city-based trendsters with beards singing about harps and wild thyme? Sounds like you need a heavy dose of Jam City. This London-based producer sounds exactly like the city he lives in. He offers up industrial and angular synths, stripped-back house and grimy beats that sound like cityscapes and rainy alleyways. The videos that he makes with his lauded label, Night Slugs, are glitchy paeans to futuristic technology and ‘80s style unashamed bling.

    For a window into his world, check out popular debut offerings such as his Waterworx EP and single “Magic Drops” both of which offer up generous helpings of club-driven bass and headily creeping beats. His most recent single, “The Courts,” continues the trend for future sounds, teaming glamorous ‘80s synths with something darker and more menacing.

    At his Razzmatazz show this month you can expect something fresh and new that refuses to be defined or pigeonholed. Jam City speaks regularly of his desire to create music that doesn’t necessarily fit with one scene or genre. Check out the two mixes that he produced recently for Fader: “Daytime Lover” offers disco and upbeat electro while “Into the Night” continues the journey indoors to the depths of a dark and twisted club where thumping beats take center stage.

    Lolita is the perfect room at Razzmtazz to hear the DJ at work; the space is intimate and tends to attract a crowd who have come to see a specific DJ. Come and witness a DJ and producer whose sights and sounds are faced firmly to the future.

    €10 (advance) / €12 (door)


    May 5, 2012

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