April 15, 2012

By Alena Kh, founder

“I’m a woman and I know everything about men. I’m always ready to give some advice to my female friends: I just cut off men’s heads with the help of my broad knowledge of the masculine psychology.” Listen up girl: you’re truly interested in men but you’re probably overestimating your knowledge of them. If you were such an expert, you would never be obsessed with such pointless things. So, let’s try analyzing your mistakes:

All men desire a woman who looks like Sarah Jessica Parker.

The women we like are not the same ones men like. They are not so crazy about women obsessed with fashion (shopping is a pain for them), her personality is not so attractive and her body is not so desirable.

Oh my God! She’s got cellulite!

Welcome to the women’s world, full of cellulite and insecurities. Evidence of cellulite only confirms you belong to the 90% of “unlucky” women. I assure you that if men were so fussy on this issue, human beings would be condemned to extinction.

I should be perfect 24/7.

That stupid stereotype that all TV series, brands and mags have sold us is a total lie. The best advice I can give you is stop being obsessed and wasting your time and money on a bunch of treatments that promise to make you sexier and younger. Ditch your make up and live your life the way you are.

He adores my trendy closet.

Be honest with yourself, most men are not into fashion or trends. They won’t appreciate your grandma’s vintage dress or that big, great hat or impossible wedges. So try to relax and don’t force yourself into pursuing the perfect image. A simple and bright smile is the best dress ever.

He’s hot for you, not for your skin or your make-up.



April 15, 2012

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Thanx for your advices!

Waiting for more... ;)

Imma Bonet more than 2 years ago

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