May 5, 2012

By Alena Kh, artist and founder of

They say that 25% of the world population has had only one sex partner. According to a recent study, 70% of British couples admit to dissatisfaction with sex with their partner. The main problem here is our society and the way we have been educated. Nobody bothered to explain to us what sex is about and if there’s any benefit from it aside from procreation.

It’s pretty strange how these days some people can be so close-minded about sex talk. Sex is supposed to be there to give us pleasure but some of us have no idea how to attain this. We’re afraid of talking and demonstrating what we feel about it.

I’m surrounded by people who don’t fuck at all. They have sex, they make love – but no one fucks. My friends get shocked every time I talk about blowjobs and some of them don’t give oral sex EVER. They always have sex in the same positions, sex turns into a routine and the only way out for them is stop practicing. Or look for another sex partner. A friend of mine told me yesterday he can’t fuck his girlfriend because he loves her so much. And his girlfriend confessed to me she’s tired of my friend between the sheets but she doesn’t know how to tell him because… she loves him so much. I can’t help but wonder: when did love become an obstacle to talking about everything in a wide open way?

Our education establishes that sex is dirty and that something as forbidden as “fucking” can’t be done with someone you really love – that’s why there are a lot of prostitutes out there. But cheating is something hideous that’s condemned too. That’s why we’re so bitter.

When you take a look at the press, you begin to understand where the problem comes from. Any paper with a good reputation has no ads for sex toys, but you’ll find lots of personal ads for sex, paid and otherwise. This means one thing: if you actually want to fuck someone, you’ve got to go do it outside your home… or you have another option, stay in and fuck yourself.

At the very least, the 75% of people who are not afraid to fuck and talk about what they want in terms of sex and fucking should be an increasing statistic. I just hope some part of this 75% will become journalists and work to make us happier and freer.



May 5, 2012

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u can have my very fat cock inside u and it will also vibrate if u ask it nicely.


andy 52 days ago

Re: Idioma

Hi María,

Thanks for your comment. I edited Alena's article and missed this error. I appreciate your pointing it out, we'll fix it now.



Michael more than 1 years ago


Para ser traductora y tal, tu inglés es un poco rudimentario ¿no? Entiendo que en español tengas lagunillas en algunas expresiones porque es un idioma difícil, pero por muy válida o interesante que sea tu opinión no puedes permitirte el lujo de escribir en un idioma si desconoces reglas básicas.
Es surrounded BY, por ejemplo. ¿Qué menos que consultar las dudas que tengas?

María more than 1 years ago

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