Mueller, Michael en-us © Copyright 2014 Miniguide Sat, 01 Nov 2014 00:00:00 GMT Guzzo Guzzo fuses great food and cocktails with urban art and soul, funk and jazz.

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El Mercado Está Fatal We spoke with Alena Kh about her new book on love, sex and relationships.

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Biocenter One of the city’s first vegetarian restaurants and a pioneer in holistic cuisine using organic ingredients.

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Baribau: Where to Watch the World Cup in Barcelona You can't go wrong with a 103-inch plasma TV, seasonal tapas and killer cocktails.

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HQ Barcelona Cannabis clubs are proliferating in Barcelona as readily as the weed itself.

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Copasetic This artful little café, bar and restaurant is a welcome addition to the Eixample Esquerra neighborhood.

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Thanksgiving This may be the year that the American-food invasion has reached its zenith, so why not go all out and celebrate Thanksgiving too? (Nov 28)

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La França This love hotel offers up the discrete setting to spice up your love life, jacuzzi and enormous, circular bed included...

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A Casa Portuguesa Anyone who’s tried their bacalhau will understand why their website proclaims, “love at first sight con­sists of small details that do not leave us indifferent.”

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Carrot Café Here’s betting that 2013 will be the year of the gourmet sandwich for Barcelona, thanks in no small measure to this eatery.

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Romero If you or a loved one is an entrepreneur, you under­stand the level of passion (if not obsession) needed to run a small business.

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Vera Elena Solodovnikova Vera Elena Solodovnikova presents us with a world in which the gods have returned and humans have disappeared in her exhibition opening this month (Apr 24 – May 12).

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French Kiss Beauty Literally a stone’s throw away from Plaça Catalunya, French Kiss Beauty cater to locals and tourists alike out of a violet-infused, minimally outfitted 60-meter space.

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Proof of Concept #01 Experimental sound and music outfit l’ull cec have put together their event of the year at “creation factory” Fabra i Coats this month (Dec 22, 7pm).

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SANOAKTIV The Sanoaktiv team create a customized workout program for each client to be performed on a circuit of workout stations.

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Magnolia Long gone are Barcelona’s days of overpriced fusion cuisine in trendy, minimalist spaces.

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Tutu’s One of the more enjoyable experiences while traveling is stumbling upon that little gem of a restaurant tucked into a corner outside the touristy center.

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The Success Habit The goal is not to survive but rather succeed. What would happen if you strategically focused on your business while taking care of yourself at the same time? (Mar 17)

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Tourist Go Home!! We don’t usually publish editorials. I prefer to reserve this space for contents, and our writers do a better job than me anyway.

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New H-air With their latest line of intense, even aggressive cuts, New H-air aim to capture this sense of rebellion that writhes in the air today and fuse it with a futuristic, industrialist glamour.

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