Cowell, Roger en-us © Copyright 2014 Miniguide Tue, 01 Jul 2014 00:00:00 GMT Sala Montjuïc One of the best things you can do this summer is take a trip up to Montjuïc, watch a movie and listen to some music under the stars (Jul 6 – Aug 8).

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Vintage Trouble Vintage Trouble were formed in 2010 and it didn’t take long for people to start paying attention (Jul 28).

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Sónar by Day Moving Sónar by Day to Plaça Espanya turned out to be a good choice… (Jun 12–14)

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KRS-One Born in the Bronx in 1965, Lawrence Parker aka KRS-One is one of hip-hop’s true originators (May 18).

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Bon Vaudeville Lady Bon Bon’s Bon Vaudeville show is a showcase of music, poetry, acrobatics, comedy and exotic dance (May 15).

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Tinta Sonora: Ramones Every city in the world, seems to have a band covering Ramones songs… (Apr 15)

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Digitalism Their style effortlessly bridges the gap between electronic dance music and indie rock… (Apr 18)

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Indee Styla An Indee Styla live show is the complete package: not only does she sing and rap onstage, but she’s also an accomplished dancer and choreographer (Mar 13).

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Calibro 35 Calibro 35, are the prodigy of producer Tommaso Colliva and features the cream of Italy’s alternative session musicians (Feb 7).

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The Pharcyde The Pharcyde deliver a high-energy show and never before has the original lineup been seen onstage together in Spain (Nov 24).

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The Excitements The Excitements’ non-stop schedule has seen them playing across Europe to great acclaim (Nov 23).

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Abandoned? Europe is full of abandoned buildings and structures... (Oct 2, 9 & 16)

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Mala Vida Ramon Salas, Alberto Bassons and chef Franc Monraba have established their restaurant/day-club/live music franchise at the terrace of the magical Donzella Beach Club.

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Alabama Shakes Alabama Shakes are dripping with genuine authenticity and love for their musical roots (Aug 13).

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Irma Thomas It’s the first-ever visit to Spain for Irma Thomas, the undisputed “Soul Queen of New Orleans” and one of America’s greatest blues and soul sing­ers (Jun 16).

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Man Ex Maqina Man Ex Maqina is the new project conceived by Max Moya Wright, percussionist and beatboxer with Ojos de Brujo (May 16).

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Barcelona Roller Dance If you’ve ever come across a group of dancers on roller skates along Barcelona's beachfront, you’ve probably stumbled upon a BCN Roller Dance meetup (Mar 23).

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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion If you were to distill the essence of what is rock ’n’ roll, you’d probably be left with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Feb 7).

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Salif Keita We’ll see Salif Keita showing us his unique blend of traditional and contemporary African pop (Feb 18).

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TOY TOY are definitely a band cutting their own path through the UK’s musical landscape (Dec 8, 8:15pm).

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